Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Who Needs A Summer House?

All summer long I've been asking the question, "who needs a summer house?" We've essentially been living on our porch for the better part the summer -- we eat breakfast out there, the kids eat lunch out there, we take dinner out there in the evenings and then hang out on the porch after the kids are in bed. We've spent a large part of our time this summer in the fresh air, in a relaxed setting, largely bug free (thanks to a new screen door). Spending as much time on the porch as we have this season we've come to feel like we're away when we're not. Score another one for the suburban casa.


Still here... said...

I wish I had a deck/porch/yard to hang out on. Unfortunately not many NYC studio apartments have outdoor spaces.

Agricola said...

Thanks for your comment!

When we lived in Brooklyn we lived on the top floor of a brownstone. We had shared roof rights. We kept some chairs up there, a Weber grill . . .

The view was great: Brooklyn Bridge to the right, Lower Manhattan dead ahead. It was unusable during the day -- it was a silver roof, and you could get devoured by skeeters in the evening if the breeze wasn't strong enough. Outdoor space was a serious motivator in our move to the 'burbs, and a serious consideration whenever something comes up that could take us back to the city. It's tough to live without once you have it.