Thursday, November 29, 2007

Best Weekend of The Year

Thanksgiving weekend is the best weekend of the year. The weekend starts on Wednesday.
Thursday has a feast, followed by three more days in which to play, shop, or do whatever.

I spent a lot of time with family, did no shopping but a bunch of yard work and had three fires in my newly purchased fire pit. The yard is now basically ready for the winter and we showed up to work on Monday nicely rested and ready to tackle the rigors of the Christmas season. There is nothing like the four day Thanksgiving weekend.


FreeArtist said...

Fire pit?

Agricola said...

Yes, I bought a nice little outdoor fireplace/bowl/pit -- stainless on legs that I put on the new patio. It's pretty nice though it's filled with ice and snow right now. you'll have to come up and we'll smoke cigars, drink whiskey and tend the fire . . . I'll post a picture and let you know when it's up.