Friday, May 22, 2009

An Outrageously Awesome Way to Kick Off Summer 09

 We went out for dinner with the whole family and some friends -- 4 adults, 5 kids -- an awesome way to kick off Summer 09. Our friends are members of the Weston CC and this evening we were their guests. It was a wonderful evening. We had a cocktail. We ate some lovely food. The kids had ice cream for dessert. We bowled on three lanes at the CC's lanes (Candle Pins, a Boston classic, and more challening than 10 pins). Let me reiterate: a totally awesome way to kick off summer 09.

Before gettting in the car we ran around a bit in the "golf field," as Child One called it. On the way home we grabbed some iced coffees and steamed milks with vanilla and took the country way home. We put down all four windows and opened the sun roof. We turned up James Taylor and drove through the lovely countryside near our house. The crickets were singing. The air was warm, gentle and enveloping. My family surrounded me.

Let me reiterate, an outrageously awesome way to kick off summer 09.

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