Monday, April 12, 2010

Cherry Blossom Race

Ironically, the cherry blossoms were gone. So it was a great race, along a great course. I'm really psyched how well everybody did how much fun we all had working together towards this goal, and have seen, once again the transformative power of running.
Once upon a time we used to gather 'round a keg and get bombed. Now we gather around a race and run hard. So cool, so great. Speaking of transformative, David ran the race of a lifetime yesterday and I've never seen anything like that.
Way to go David, you rocked it, you rolled it, and I'm stoked for you (you also smoked me, and have given me something to shoot for). Nancy, you killed it despite illness and stress, and you did great. I'm really proud of you. Abby you powered through rickety legs, nicely done, and Cheryl you ran despite an injury and a wicked schedule. Lilly, you did great and it was fun to see you -- next time, don't eat the tamale for breakfast on race day. Carolyn, way to go, you got out there and ran despite one of the major, wonderful upheavals of life -- Baby A is adorable -- and you and Dan were awesome hosts. Thank you so much!

Well done, I hope you all still use this blog, it'll stay open and you always have a place to congregate and talk running. See you all in a couple of weeks for the "Boston Running Jamboree."

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