Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Greening

The Northeast is greening up despite the cold and damp that's still hanging over the region -- the tail-end of the weekend's storm.

We suppose it should be getting greener given all of the moisture that lawns, trees and shrubs are receiving, but it's more than simple moisture that is hastening the reemergence. Buds grow larger, green grass blades overtake brown and our tulips and daffodils seem to be growing visibly each day -- the latter ahead of the former in the bloom department.

Some forsythia have finally bloomed, their yellow blossoms much welcomed in the dreary landscape; shrubs that we pass on our morning run sprout small leaves again and many trees in the neighborhood -- not just the early flowering ones -- are budding rapidly, ready to burst. It's a hopeful time of year, despite the dreary weather and desolate news reports. But, as she does each year, Nature sheds her winter garb to reveal her reborn beauty and we welcome the change with open heart.

She's returned not a moment too soon.

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