Monday, April 30, 2007

Lawn Gods

Mother nature and her copious drenchings and our lawn fertilization have done wonders for the grass on the Quarter Acre. The lawn is very green and quite thick. We've not mowed it yet, but it's almost time. When that happens the season will be open in earnest and then Mrs. Agricola will lose her husband to, as she says, "the Lawn Gods."

We're not completely insane acolytes of the religion of the lawn, but it is an endlessly interesting task for us as we struggle to keep alive one of the most fickle plants cultivated by man. We will not go so far as to say grass is useless -- it preserves our home's resale value, helps prevent erosion, keeps our property cool and produces O2 while removing CO2 from the environment (one must keep their carbon footprint small, after all). It's a challenge that, while maddening at times, keeps us entertained all summer. It's also a task that affords the opportunity to work outside, use our disappearing muscles and a power tool and gives us a sense of accomplishment when it finished.

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