Thursday, May 10, 2007

An Evening Out

The other night I took Child One and Two out for dinner. Mrs. Agricola attended a function in Harvard Sq. so I met her there after work and took the kiddies out for a burger. We ate at a little place that severs healthier fast food and had a hoot, toasting with lemonade, eating some baked-fries and burgers. We topped off the meal with milk shakes and a sit on a bench.

The night was mild, but cooling rapidly, as spring nights do, and we drove home with an open sunroof. The newly-leafed trees rustled above us as we drove, the Charles River glimmered in the dusk to our right, the Red Sox game played softly on the radio and my children slept in the back seat. A real feeling of peace and happiness descended over me.

Children, Spring, Home . . .

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