Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Capitalist Workers of The World

Now that the socialists have had their little day of marching, chanting of outmoded slogans and banner waving we hope that they had fun. Unlike them, we observed May Day by working and being thankful for the opportunity. Socialism is a lovely idea until one realizes that it's not.

We are human. We have specific needs, wants and desires. We want to take care of those things for ourselves -- not have that gratification tied into some collectivist whole. The socialistic idea that it takes a village is bunkum. If we're enaged in a collectivist effort, let's face it we're going to let someone do more than we do and still reap the benefits -- we're human and we all try to find slack. Except, in the collectivist system that slack-seeking-nature gets multiplied a thousand fold until slack seeking becomes the modus operandi and nothing gets done -- crops aren't harvested (they're not even sown), children don't get raised etc. etc.

What the village needs is a bunch of hungry, aggressive people who are looking to support themselves and their families and realize there is no shame in that drive. That drive to look out for oneself and one's own has ancillary benefits to the larger community whether the socialistic utopians want to admit it. Our system is not always pretty, it's not always kind, but it's the best because it affords success within parameters defined by the individual. We invite the socialists to join our movement, the movement of Capitalist Workers -- striving for betterment of ourselves and the world through personal reponsibility and self-sufficiency.

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