Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Couple

I got in a good run on Friday at my parents' house. It's a route I haven't run in a while and it felt good. Just a smidge over 4, and I did it quickly.
I'd intended a bigger weekend, but sort of vegged on Saturday which spilled into Sunday. I didn't get out Saturday -- the Olympics and some beer and popcorn side-tracked me.
I did get out today, but went shorter that I'd planned. I did get to run with Red C. and it was great. We went out late and did 4.55 (I need to add in a bit more on that route to get it up to where I thought it was, which was 5. Having a buddy to run with was huge -- it wasn't too cold but it was windy and gray and it was sort of blah. Running with someone was great. I'm not too stressed out about the miles -- I'll get them in. Just running, that's all.

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