Monday, February 01, 2010

February Begins

So, February begins with a run, about 4 miles at 3:30 PM. I had a morning-mid-afternoon meeting north of boston, came home and hit it after a PBJ and some pretzels. It felt OK, not great, still shaking off January.
Big headwind on the way out, and a nice tali wind on the way home (I'm big on out and backs). The weekend was tough between frigid temps and zero routine. I'll catch up to it this week and we'll get rolling.
Inspiration is at an ebb, but it's coming back, I'll work into it just through repetition -- I'm finding myself jonesing for the run if I don't get it in and that's a good sign. today's run while not great left me energized and focused and amped up (though my goal of getting work done this evening is not panning out... I don't feel like working tonight).

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