Sunday, March 07, 2010

52,800, At Least

I headed out this morning for my first official long run of this training session. I had in mind to do 10-11 miles, and had no real time in mind, except to keep it around 90 minutes.
It was a beautiful day under crystal clear bluebird skies and the temp was a very comfortable 38 F. I carried 20 ozs of G2, a cliff bar (peanut butter choco-chip), my mobile and wore a hat gloves, shell polypro shirt, tights and base layer briefs -- much stripped down from earlier in the week. I headed out through the center of town and into the next town over. The wind was a mellow breeze out of the S/SW. The streets of our town were quiet with only some dog walkers, a few runners and a few motorists (one of whom did manage to cut me off as she pulled into the lot of the YMCA....awesome).

I have a 5 mile out route to a distinct landmark -- a bridge -- in the next town. It's part of a longer continuum of out and backs that if I ever geared up for it (mentally and physically) would net a 22 mile long run through three towns and some very scenic neighborhoods. Today's out and back though was just to the bridge. As I neared the bridge I felt good. I decided to go closer to 11. So, rather than stopping at the bridge to eat the Cliff and drink some Gatorade I took a left and ran down a path. The town next to us has a great system of walking trails across the town. I sort of power walked, slow jogged while I wolfed the Cliff and chugged some fluid and then picked it up again. I ran next to a nice little brook, crossed some streets, and followed the path which eventually had me running on top of the Lake Cochichuate Aqueduct for a little trail running. I came back to the main drag that I followed out, and then headed for home. I felt good throughout though my quads were a bit sore -- I went from being "kind-of-running" to at least 28 miles this week, with a  stroller run on Saturday.

At about the 40 minute mark I found my rhythm and just kept on rolling. I love it when that happens. I heard loads of Cardinals, Blue Jays, and Crows, saw several Mourning Doves, a huge Red Tail and, what I think, though can't be sure because I couldn't see its rump, which is always white, a Northern Harrier. I enjoyed today, but am glad that it's over, though. This was a good week of running accomplishment and I feel very much back in the saddle. I covered the ground in about 90 minutes, maybe a bit more, but I'm not sure how far I actually went, though it was 52,800 feet, at least.

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