Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Is That The Sun?

Finally got back out today for a decent five miler though it was sort of arrhythmic and choppy. Unlike David  did not pull a massive catch-up, I just kep on running. tomorrow though I'm aiming for ten if I can overcome the time change ennui that crushes me every year -- my clock is so screwed up it's not even funny. But, I do need to grind out some miles so, tomorrow is a catch-up day. Sunday is the New Bedford Half Marathon, which this year is a total training run as I'm not where I want to be though I think that I can get there. Nice weather helps and seeing the sun this AM was wonderful. This week is all about reclaiming last weeks lost week. Back up the hill we go, just call me the Grand Old Duke of York.... except I've only got one guy, but man do I keep marching him up the hill and down the hill again -- though often it feels we're only half way up so we're neither up nor down. Keep running!

Hey Carolyn, was wondering if we could add one more to dinner on Saturday night: Johnny C. He lives in the DC/VA vicinity and I thought it might be fun to see him and combine a visit with the race. Please let me know if that's doable, it would be a hoot, and mark a different reason for all of us to gather -- it used to be to get loaded, now it's to go running. How the times do change!

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