Thursday, March 18, 2010

Turkey Trot

I got out for one more run this work week. It was a gorgeous day, just begging for a trot through town. My legs were tired today after yesterday's run, so it was a bit of  a grind and my CV was less than I'd hoped for -- though it may be connected to really working the breathing muscles yesterday, perhaps they needed some recovery too. Sometimes, when I run at noon, I find it harder because I'm hungry so my energy level is less. I don't know, I'm an advertising guy, not an exercise physiologist!

Anyway, I went double layer technical tees up top and shorts on the bottom -- the first shorts-run of the year. It's really a glorious day today, despite the fairly stiff breeze that seemed to be in my face at every turn. A very large red tail flashed it's tail and belly above me within the first mile, and that was cool -- there are some very large Red Tails that live at a pond not far from our house and it's always fun to see them. There is also a Goshawk that lives on the next street over from us -- it was in the town paper last week -- and I've seen him around, but I'm not sure that he's the other hawk that I see frequently (it's a wild kingdom out there!). About a mile-and-a-half from the finish of today's run I saw two large turkey running onto the grounds of the middle school -- in the midst of a bustling residential neighborhood. I, of course, gobbled at them and they bolted. Cool run on a great day.

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