Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ten On A Wednesday

Well, when the alarm went off at 5:45 I hit snooze once. I turned it off when it went off 7 minutes later, composed my thoughts and hopped out of bed.
I gathered gear which was easier this AM because it was laying around from yesterday. Made, and wolfed, a half a chicken sandwich and headed out the door at approximately I don't know what time.
I trotted out through town, on my way to the bridge in the neighboring town. I passed the 2+ mile mark around 6:43 which means I probably left the casa at about 6:25 ( I really need to get my watch operational).

It was a clear chilly morning and everything was covered in frost. There were many runners out, so I was not alone and I just kept pounding out the miles. I had a couple of epiphanies on this run.

1) There is always someone faster, stronger and better than you unless you are the undisputed best at what you do -- and for those of us who populate the vast middle of Life's Bell Curve, there are plenty better.
The reason for this epiphany was that a totally fit, high-knee-lifting, high-heel-kicking dude powered by me at about the 3+ mile mark. He was fast, and his stride was effortless. It was impressive.

2) Derives from #1: we are all running our own race (and this is a mantra I repeat when running "run your race" "run your run"). What that guy does, what I do, what any of us do doesn't matter.
We run our race, run it as best we can and finish where we finish. The only one I compete with is me. I am, and can be, inspired by others -- the stud who blazed by this morning, David and his quest, Nancy and her enthusiasm, the woman we know who ran all through Chemo. We carry our life with us when we run -- past, present and future, and all of those things add up to what, and how, and who we are when we run.

I reached my destination, the little bridge feeling good. I stopped briefly to chug some Gatorade and eat a Vanilla Bean GU (if you're looking for something easy to handle, and not messy, GU is pretty good -- though they can be so sweet that they are oppressive, this was my first in 6 years!) which I liked, though Fruit Punch and Vanilla Bean aren't really a winning combo. I looked at a flood swollen stream, mesmerized by the swirling water and headed back. I felt better on this run than yesterday's -- it's all about the rhythm. When threes and fives are hard that's a good sign to me.

Keep running.

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