Saturday, March 06, 2010

Running Buddies

I took full advantage of the gorgeous day and headed out in the late morning with two of my favorite running buddies: Child 2 & Child 3. We headed out on our usual stroller run route and I felt pretty good at the usual turn around that I pushed it out to the turn around that makes it a 5.4 mile run (depends on the mapping tool I use). Rather than turn right around Child 2 inquired about where the turnaround road went. So, after a brief pause to drink some water we headed down the turnaround road on a little running adventure. We crossed a couple of small streams and paused to look at them -- Child 2 loves "bubbling brooks."

The loop eventually brought us back to the center of town and we headed home on the road we went out on. Total distance was just shy of 6 (5.88) which may be my longest stroller run. I felt good throughout, though I was sucking wind at the end -- i was coming back harder than I went out. We sprinted downtown to see the train come through, and generally had a fine time. Child 2 chatted with me throughout and Child 3 was chattering and making noises and pointing at everything he saw. It was a fun run. Getting ready for 10 - 11 tomorrow.

I posted this on my other blog as well -- I don't have enough posts in me to write something different everyplace I go...

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