Thursday, March 04, 2010

Pushing the Stone Uphill, Again

I got in two decent length runs this week -- Wednesday and Thursday mornings. I felt better yesterday than I did today and actually cut a bit off today's run. I've determined that the only time that I can reliably find the time to run is in the early morning and so I've been rising right around 6 AM and hitting the road by 6:10 AM or so. MY body and my mind are not psyched. I need to do this to get out there and get in the distance so I've got a good couple handfuls under my belt, will go Satureday and do 10-11 on Sunday.
Last year I trained up to about 16 miles for the Vermont City and flamed out -- I started well and ended poorly, removing myself from the race and deferring until this year. SO, this year, I'm hoping that my poor training start ends well and brings me in relatviely strong to VT City. With New Bedford half in two weeks, Eastern States 20 in 3, Cherry Blossom in 5 I should be pretty good to get in at least one more 20 before Memorial day, and am shooting for three. Loved that Karno quote in David's last post. IF you put in the training you've got nothing to fear -- it's just necessary to make time for training. I'm feeling confident and seeing the path ahead. Time to execute.

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